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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Forms of Payment
  • Check Out/Registering
  • Registering/Creating An Account
  • Decal Production
  • Materials
  • Precision-Cut Vinyl
  • Decal Application
  • Car Window Decals
  • Surfaces
  • Inside Window Application
  • Decal Removal
  • Wall Art and Wall Monograms
  • Removing Wall Art and Wall Monograms
  • Reusing Wall Art and Wall Monograms
  • Sending Decal Requests
  • Decal Requests
  • Altering Our Decal Designs
  • Custom Stick Figures
  • Shipping Rates
  • Return Policy

    Q: Forms of Payment
    What forms of payment do you accept?

    A: For your convienence, we gladly accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard. Discover, and American Express through a secure server.

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    Q: Check Out/Registering
    How come when I click "Proceed Without Registering," I still have to enter all that information?

    A: No funny business put it simply, we have to have that info to get your decals to you. We also need some contact info just in case we have an issue with your order. The "New Customers Click Here" or the register option simply adds a spot for you to create a username and password so that when you return to our site to purchase more decals, you won't have to enter your information all over again.
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    Q: Registering/Creating An Account
    What is the purpose of registering?

    A: Registering has two allows you to create an account so that for future orders, you don't have to re-enter all your information at checkout. It also allows you to "Save Your Cart." If you shop for a while on the site, but decide you are not ready to make your purchase, you can log in to your account and save the cart and just return to it later. That way if you added a lot of custom decals to your cart or you're simply ordering a mess of decals, you can save your order and not worry about re-selecting everything again later.
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    Q: Decal Production
    Do you make all of the decals?

    A: All of our designs are produced here in house, and all precision-cut vinyl decals are made by us at the time of order.
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    Q: Materials
    What kind of vinyl are the decals made of?

    A: The majority of the decals you see on this site are made from Oracal exterior vinyl, an industry standard in high-performance vinyl. This vinyl is durable, fade-resistant, made to last up to 5 to 6 years with normal use, and has a glossy sheen to it. Our wall monograms and Wall Moxie® wall art, however, are offered in interior vinyl. Interior vinyl is made to give more of a painted-on appearance. It has a matte-surface and is considered removable up to two years. Although exterior vinyl can be applied indoors and many people use this vinyl indoors, interior vinyl was specifically made for painted walls. If you see a design on our site that you would like to purchase in interior vinyl, just let us know. We would be happy to accomodate you.
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    Q: Precision-Cut Vinyl
    What is "precision-cut vinyl?"

    A: All of the decals on this site are made with precision-cut vinyl which means that the designs are cut out using a computer and a machine called a plotter that uses a very small, sharp razor blade. The image or design is sent from the computer to the plotter where it cuts the design out on a piece of vinyl that has a thick paper backing. The cut only goes through the vinyl not the backing which in the industry is known as a "kiss-cut." Once the image has been plotted, we are left with a sheet of vinyl that has been cut but still has unwanted, excess vinyl remaining. We then go in by hand and remove or pick the excess or unwanted vinyl from the design in a process called "weeding." Once the image has been weeded, we apply a sheet of protective application tape or transfer paper over the design, and the decal is ready for application.
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    Q: Decal Application
    How do I apply my decals?

    A: All of our decals are shipped with instructions for application. However, if you're just curious about the process or you misplaced your instructions, here they are for your viewing pleasure.

    1. Decals are designed to be installed on flat, smooth surfaces. Ensure that the surface you are applying your decal to is free of any foreign substances (dirt, oils, waxes, lint, etc). If your car has recently been painted, it's best to wait at least 60 days after the paint job to apply decals.

    2. Lay your decal on a flat surface. Using a squeegee or credit card at a 45° angle, rub the entire area of the decal using firm pressure. If you have received multiple decals on one sheet that are going to be applied to different areas, cut them apart.

    3. Position your decal where you would like it on the window. Once it is in position, apply a piece of masking tape along the length of the top edge of the decal. Take your fingernail and run it along the edge of the decal. This ensures that there is a good seal between the edge of the decal and the tape and creates a hinge for you to be able to flip the decal up without losing your position.

    4. Flip the decal up and carefully peel backing from decal starting at a corner closest to masking tape (backing is the thicker material with the grid pattern). With one hand removing the backing, hold onto the decal with the other hand so that it doesn't accidentally fall and adhere itself to the surface below. Before removing the entire sheet of backing, check to make sure that all of the decal has released from the backing. If part of the decal has remained on the backing, carefully adhere the decal back to the backing and use your hand to firmly rub the area that is sticking. Carefully peel backing again. Once all of the decal has released from the backing, peel entire backing sheet off. You are now left with the decal and the transfer paper.

    5. Hold the bottom of the transfer paper with one hand and with the other hand, take a squeegee or credit card at a 45° angle and apply light but solid pressure to the decal starting at the top in the middle of the decal working your way down and out. Once you have lightly pressed the entire decal to the surface and any air trapped beneath the decal has been worked out, use firm pressure to finish adhering the decal.

    Note: If you have a large or long decal, it might be helpful to have an extra set of hands holding the transfer paper while you use the squeegee to adhere the decal to the surface.

    6. Slowly peel the transfer paper away from your decal starting at a top corner and moving across. Go slowly to avoid tearing the tape or the decal itself. If part of the decal wants to come up with the tape, place the decal back so the part that was not sticking is back on the surface. Use your hand to firmly rub the decal back on the surface. Slowly peel away and continue removing the transfer paper. If it still does not adhere, make sure the area is clean and try it again.

    7. Voila! You have been decaled!

    Note: Some bubbles may appear under the decal after application. This is normal. Most of the bubbles will eventually work themselves out, but for an instant solution, you can use a needle to "pop the bubbles." Using your application tool, work the air out of the bubble by pushing the air through the pinhole. Once the bubble is gone, the pinhole will virtually disappear and should not be noticeable.
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    Q: Car Window Decals
    What decal colors will show up best on my car window?

    A: Generally, the lighter the better for car windows. Precision-cut vinyl decals have no background color so they need a surface that will provide some kind of contrast to really pop. With most windows being clear or tinted, darker colors do not show up as well.
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    Q: Surfaces
    What types of surfaces can the decals be applied?
    *For questions referring to wall monogram decals or wall art, please refer to the "Wall Art and Wall Monograms " questions below.

    A: Decals can be placed on any smooth, non-porous, wax-free surfaces such as car windows, hoods, bumpers, fiberglass, aluminum, some plastics, wood, steel etc. If applying to your car, please allow at least a week for the decal adhesive to set before washing your car.

    The adhesive on the vinyl material is engineered to not penetrate cured, enamel, hard coat surfaces. If your car has been recently painted or clear-coated, we recommend allowing at least 6 weeks before applying the vinyls. Also, we do not recommend applying the decals to the body of your car if the coat is damaged or rusted.
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    Q: Inside Window Application
    Can I apply the decals on the inside of my window?

    A: Great question. By default our decals are cut to be applied to the outside. If you would like to apply the decal to the inside of your window, however, we would be happy to accomodate. Just let us know at checkout under "Special Instructions." Simply type in the box that you want the decals "reverse cut for inside window application."
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    Q: Decal Removal
    How do I remove the decal?
    *For questions referring to wall monogram decals or wall art, please refer to the "Wall Art and Wall Monograms " questions below.

    A: Vinyl decals can be easily removed. Simply heat the decal with a heat gun or hairdryer for a few seconds (do not overheat). Then using your fingernail, lift the edge of the decal and work across the surface of the decal at a 45 degree angle.

    On glass surfaces, if any adhesive residue remains once the vinyl is removed, use Goo-Gone, glass cleaner or thinners to clean the surface. If the decal was applied to the painted surface of your car, use wax to buff out any residue.
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    Q: Wall Art and Wall Monograms
    Will the interior vinyl used for my wall art or wall monogram decals damage my walls when removed?

    A: Our wall monogram decals are made of ultra-thin, interior matte vinyl and should not leave any residue on your surface. This type of vinyl is specifically made for wall application as it can be removed safely and cleanly for up to three years without leaving marks or adhesive goo. With more fragile surfaces, however, it is important to remove your decal with care. As all surfaces are different, we cannot guarantee that there will not be some paint flecking on more "sensitive" walls in removing the decal. Some touch up may be required. This is VERY rarely the case, however. We do not recommend applying the decals to walls that have been painted or "spray-painted" with builder's flat paint. This paint is a less expensive, lower quality paint that tends to fleck if ANYTHING is applied to it. For this reason, it is probable that upon decal removal, there will be paint flecking.
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    Q: Removing Wall Art and Wall Monograms
    How do I remove my Wall Art/Wall Monogram?

    A: It's pretty simple. Just peel up an edge of the decal with your fingernail or a pair of tweezers and slowly pull at a 45 degree angle. To make it even easier, heat the decal up with a hair dryer first on low heat for a few seconds.
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    Q: Reusing Wall Art and Wall Monograms
    Can I reuse my wall decal?

    A: Yes and no. Our vinyl is not technically considered reusable. Thus, we do not market it as such. However, some shapes like large round circles remove very easily with little to no distortion in the decal and can be reused. Smaller or thinner items, on the other hand, tend to stretch during the removal process and generally cannot be reused. So, the long and short...probably not, but you might get lucky.
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    Q: Sending Decal Requests
    I don't see what I'm looking for on this site. How do I send my decal requests?

    A: It's simple! Just email us at or simply use the "Contact Us" form. We will get back to you ASAP!
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    Q: Decal Requests
    What kinds of decal ideas can I request?

    A: We love to get new decal ideas, and we encourage you to send your ideas our way. However, we do have a few rules that we ask that you follow. We hate rules just as much as the next guy, but unfortunately, we do have to set a few so not to tarnish our good name. You can view our decal request policy here.
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    Q: Altering Our Decal Designs
    I like one of your designs, but I want to add or change something. What do I do?

    A: Just send us an email! We are happy to make changes to our designs to meet your needs.
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    Q: Custom Stick Figures
    How come when I select my custom head or body for the custom stick figures, it doesn't change the main image of the stick figure in the cart?

    A: Unfortunately, at this time, we don't have the ability to generate a "live" preview of your custom stick figures. However, if you would like us to send you a proof of the stick figures after your order, just specify that in the special instructions at checkout and make sure you provide us with the correct email address.
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    Q: Shipping Rates
    How much does shipping cost?

    A: Our rates vary depending on the amount of your order. You can view our shipping rates here.
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    Q: Return Policy
    What is your return policy?

    A: We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. We will grant a full refund or replacement for your purchase on any of our decals if they arrive defective or they are not as described on the website. If you are not satisfied due to an error on your part, such as choosing the wrong size or color, we will still do our best to refund as much as possible. We are not able to offer a full refund on most products since almost all of our work is custom. Nevertheless, as a courtesy to our customers, for custom orders, we will offer a 40% in-store credit of the original subtotal toward another item. Please feel free to email us at with any questions you may have. Thank you for your interest in our quality products.

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